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Mandy Ball – Old Mill’s Sales Representative

24 Jun 2016| By: Carol Tingle

Mandy Ball – Old Mill’s Sales Representative

Mandy first started working for Old Mill Brewery 2 years ago as Sales Representative for North/ South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire area.  Previous to joining Old Mill, Mandy worked as a qualified chef for 22 years, moving on to compliment her skills by working several years as a Bar Maid . Combining the two led Mandy into gaining insight of exactly what real ale drinkers demand from their Landlords and Breweries.  Having inside knowledge of the brewing industry, inspired Mandy to work alongside Old Mill Brewery as a company, strongly believing in the tradition Old mill held, knowing its dedication, inspiration and drive to always deliver quality amongst quantity.

Mandy’s main role within the company is to introduce new and old customers to all that Old Mill Brewery have to offer in its calendar of traditional ales.  Each month Old Mill brew a different guest ale, alongside its all year round favourites.  Anyone wishing to introduce their local Pub to what traditional ales are all about, are welcome to pass on the telephone number of Old Mill Brewery 01405 861813, and an appointment for Mandy to call can be arranged.