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22 Nov 2013

 After a recent open day celebrating 30 years of brewing award-winning Yorkshire ales a whopping £400.00 was raised by Old Mill Brewery and their visitors on the day.

Snaith town Mayor John Stavely-Churton and his consort Liz officially opened the day and the monies raised were presented to him this week. John has decided that all monies raised this year will be split between two charities. Firstly, Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s ‘Make it Happen’ appeal and secondly, being invested back into the local community of Snaith and Cowick.

Old Mill also held a ‘Name a Beer for Next Year’ competition with the winner being announced as ‘Yorkshire Pearl’. John Lucas was the winner and he chose a light beer with an AVB of 4.4%, smooth tasting with hints of fruit and nuts. The reason behind his choice is that pearl marks a 30 year Anniversary which was very apt to our celebrations this year.

It was such a difficult decision as they had so many entries to choose from. Some were funny, some heart-warming and some well, truly un-printable! However it was a team decision and we all agreed on ‘Yorkshire Pearl’.

As an extra thank you we have invited him to come and spend a brew day here at Old Mill Brewery to give him a chance to create the beer that he named.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition and make sure you look out for the winning entry on the bar next June.

Cheers Everyone!