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Robert Baume

24 Jun 2016| By: Carol Tingle

Old Mill Brewery finally said its farewells to one of its highly respected Representatives Mr Robert Baume.  Bob, who has been for many years, a well known and loved character to many in the Brewery trade,  has proved that personality, charm and of course knowledge goes a long way in making a mark in society.
Originally from Elland, Bob earned the glowing titles of “Black Sheep Bob” and “Lord Baume”.  Bob’s first experience of the brewery trade started whilst working for Webster’s Brewery in Nov 1966 age 19.  Whilst at Webster’s Brewery Bob became acquainted with the Brewer Mr Brian Wilson who went on to be the original Brewer for Old Mill when the brewery was founded.

Three years ago, Old Mill Brewery had the pleasure of taking Bob on board its own traditional ship as Freelance Salesman to cover the West Yorkshire Area.  Sadly in March this year,  Bob finally embraced the role of retirement and although the cheeky chappy will no longer be on the road exploring new avenues for beer sales, I am sure that he will be a talking point of years to come