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Our Ales

Black Jack

Available January: Well balanced and full of malt, with just a hint of caramel, which leads to a long lasting roasted taste. A full bodied drinkable old ale.

ABV 5.0%

Springs Eternal

Available February: A golden ale with a fruity hop that dominates the finish.

ABV 4.0%


Available March: A balanced malty bitter with a refreshing hop finish

ABV 4.0%

April Fool

Available April: A pale bitter with a complexity of hop, giving a lingering pleasant hoppy aftertaste.

ABV 4.2%

Three Rivers

Available May: A golden bitter with spicy citrus hop notes

ABV 3.9%

Yorkshire Pearl

Available June: A smooth pale ale brewed with Pearl malt and Perle hops to give a well balanced spicy, zesty palate.

ABV 4.4%

Liquid Gold

Available July: A golden coloured ale with wonderful citrus hops and a hint of something warm!

ABV 3.7%

Summer Sunshine

Available August: A deliciously smooth & refreshing pale golden summer ale with a mellow hoppy finish.

ABV 4.0%

Fall Over

Available September: A russet coloured, full malty quaffing ale with a smooth mellow character.

ABV 4.5%

Red Goose

Available October: A symbol of 51 sqn RAF. A rich, ruby, malty beer.

ABV 4.2%

Winter Warmer

Available November: A strong, easy drinking bitter with plenty of fruit and hops. The flavours extend with a rye malty finish.

ABV 4.7%

Santa's Midnight Moonshine

Available December: A ruby coloured brew, the malt and fruit in the aroma are reflected in the taste. Both provide an excellent balance.

ABV 4.5%