Buy a Barrel of Beer

Having a party or celebration? Then why not buy a barrel of Old Mill Brewery Yorkshire Ale and enjoy a proper pint at home!

There are multiple ales to choose from all year round and one seasonal variety depending on the month (please check Our Ales page for listings). Available in both 4.5 and 9 gallon barrels and with hand pull hire also available it’s never been easier to bring the pub into your home.

We recommend when ordering you request your beer to be re-racked as this will remove any sediment, it doesn’t require a period for settling and can be drunk straight away, this will incur a small charge. It should be kept at cellar temperature (8 to 10c or 50F) and should be drunk within 10 days of receipt. If you decide to have your barrel delivered without being re-racked then it will need at least 24 hours to settle and must not be moved or nudged until finished or your beer will appear cloudy, the sediment may not re-settle and this may affect the quality of the beer.

Barrels will need to be returned in the same condition as they were received.

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